How to Change a Shopify Store Name & Domain Name


Shopify is one of the most user-friendly eCommerce platforms available. Sometimes, it can be challenging to change a Shopify store name and domain, but it’s not impossible.

You can either change your store name and add or remove the domains directing to your store from your Dashboard. 

Let’s take a look at how to change your store’s name!

How to change a Shopify store name

1. Go to ‘Settings’

From your Shopify Dashboard, click on ‘Settings’ in the bottom left corner.

2. Go to the ‘Store details’ section on the left, then in the ‘Profile’ box, click ‘Edit’

The section ‘Store details’ will automatically open. In the ‘Basic information’ section, click on ‘Edit‘ as shown in the image below.

3. Change the name & click ‘Save’

In this tab, simply change the name of your store and click ‘Save’ in the top right corner. 

change the shopify name

Your settings will apply instantly, and your store will start showing your new name in the header and footer of your store. 

Of course, if you’re changing the name of your store, you may also need to change the domain to match. Thankfully, Shopify allows you to add and redirect new and existing domains.


Can I change my Shopify store name and domain at the same time?

Changing your Shopify store name is straightforward, but changing your domain name requires a different process. You cannot change your Shopify subdomain; however, if you’ve added a custom domain, you can change this domain name through your third-party domain provider.

Will changing my store name cause any damage?

No, this will not cause any SEO damage or any damage to your store. It will just mean the the name will have changed on your Shopify account.

How to change a Shopify domain

1. Open ‘Settings’ & click ‘Domains’

Open your ‘Settings’ page and go to ‘Domains’.

2. Choose your option

In this window, you have two options. You can either connect an existing domain available somewhere else or buy a new one through Shopify. Let’s take a look at each option.

connect domains to shopify

Connect existing domain

If you already have a domain, but it’s with another provider, you can choose this option and add it to your Shopify store.

You will need to change your ‘A‘ or ‘CNAME‘ records in your hosting panel and wait for them to propagate.

It all depends on where you are hosting your current domain. But you can usually find instructions on your host’s website, telling you how to point the domain to another registrar, such as Shopify.

This won’t move your domain to a different provider. It just sets up a connection saying that Shopify is linked. Learn more about connecting an existing domain in this video:

After this step, you can leave it as a redirect or set it as your ‘Primary domain’. This is a good option if you want all the domains with your name and need them all redirecting to your store or if you have multiple similar domains for your business.

Buy a new domain

If you don’t already have a domain, you can buy a domain from Shopify. You can search for the name you want and buy a new domain.

If you choose this option and want to move it in future, you can transfer your domain from Shopify as soon as it becomes eligible for transfer, meaning it’s not stuck with Shopify.

If you decide to close your Shopify store, transfer your new domain to a new provider such as NameCheap, they are the best domain provider I’ve used. 

So, if your business goes through a rebranding process, you may want to know how to change your Shopify store name and domain. It would be a shame to create all the new graphics and not be able to change the basic settings of your store.


Can I change the name of my Shopify store after I’ve set it up?

: Can I change the name of my Shopify store after I’ve set it up?
A: Yes, Shopify allows you to change your store name even after you’ve set it up. You can do this by going to “Settings,” selecting “General,” and then changing the name under the “Store details” section. Remember to click “Save” to apply the changes.

Will changing my Shopify store name affect my store’s operations or customer experience?

2. Q: Will changing my Shopify store name affect my store’s operations or customer experience?
A: Changing your Shopify store name will not affect your store’s operations or the shopping experience for your customers. However, if you’ve already built brand recognition with your current name, a change might confuse your existing customers. Therefore, it’s important to communicate the change effectively to your customer base.

What happens if I want my store name and domain name to match, but they currently don’t?

If you want your store name and domain name to match, you have a couple of options. You can change your store name to match your existing domain, or if you have a custom domain, you can change your domain name to match your new store name through your third-party domain provider.

What should I consider before changing my Shopify store name?

Before changing your Shopify store name, consider the potential impact on your brand recognition and marketing efforts. Plus, you need to be aware this will 100% cause damage to any search results on search engines because the previous URLs will be “lost”, which is known as a 404 by Google.

If you’ve already invested in marketing and building brand awareness, a sudden name change could disrupt your progress.

Therefore, it’s advisable to carefully deliberate the decision and communicate effectively with your customers about the change.

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