How to Show the Account Login Icon in Header on Shopify

login icon

It’s really quite simple to show the login icon on your store’s website. By default, when you create a Shopify store, the login icon is not live on the site’s header. You will need to go into the settings to enable them. I will show you a way to do this super quickly.

It works similarly to editing the menu header navigation, which you may be familiar with. Learn how to add a dropdown menu navigation in Shopify.

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How to enable the customer account login icon

Below I will show you how to enable the login icon for your customer accounts. But first, you should make sure you have enabled your customer accounts in Shopify.

Step 1 – Go to your Shopify settings

settings shopify

Step 2 – Go to “Customer accounts” & click “Edit”

  1. Click the “Customer accounts” option on the left.
  2. Click “Edit” as shown in the image below.
customer accounts

Enable the “Show login link in the header of online store and at checkout“. This will enable the login link.



It’s as simple as that. Now your login icon will show, and your customers can easily find how to access their accounts! If you’re interested, check out our other Shopify tutorials, our experts cover everything!

Differences between Shopify customer accounts

If you are using our Fileflare app, you will need to use the Classic customer accounts. Shopify does not allow apps to add code to the New customer accounts.

FeatureClassic customer accountsNew customer accounts
Login experienceCustomers can log in using an email and a password or sign in with ShopCustomers can log in using a one-time six-digit verification code that’s sent to their email address
Account creationCustomers accept account invites or create a new account from the login pageAccounts are created when a customer logs in using an email address
BrandingUses branding from your online store theme settingsUses branding from your checkout settings, except on the login page
Liquid customizations
Supports apps
Order history and status
Saved addresses
Supports B2B
Supports self-serve returns
Supports Multipass
Supports reordering

Learn more about the Shopify customer accounts.

Enabling customer account download links for digital products

We would recommend using Fileflare Digital Download alongside CustomerHub or Customer Concierge to enable download links for digital products. You can use Fileflare without CustomerHub if you don’t want to get both. Fileflare has its own customer account download links feature.

Learn how to add digital downloads in customer accounts in Shopify.

If you want to see the integration guides for Fileflare and both the customer account apps, check the below.

Customising your Shopify customer accounts (page builder)

It’s now possible to customise your customer accounts without needing to code. There are a few great apps out there for this, two of which are CustomerHub and Customer Concierge.

These two apps are also compatible with digital product delivery using the Fileflare app as they have both built integrations to make it easy for digital product stores.

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