How to Close a Shopify Store in 10 Seconds

close shopify store now

With everything that’s been happening in the world, you may be wondering how to close a Shopify store. It doesn’t matter what the reason is, and sometimes the process can seem a little overwhelming. 

Happily, in these times, Shopify offers a few alternatives to closing an online store because even though it can be hard, you don’t have to lose your progress. 

Let’s take a look at what your options are with a Shopify store and how to find them!

Closing a Shopify store

To close a Shopify store, go to your Shopify dashboard, then go to ‘Settings’. Open up the ‘Plans’ section,

1. Open your ‘Settings’

In order to see your plan, you will need to go to your store’s settings. You can do that by going to the Dashboard and then clicking on ‘Settings’ in the bottom left corner. 

choose the settings

2. Click ‘Plan’ & select the ‘Pause or deactivate store’ button

In the ‘Plan and Permissions’, you will be able to manage your subscription to Shopify, how many employees have access to the store and what devices you are logged into. 

click deactivate or pause

3. Select an option

You will now have three options for your store. As you can see, I’m already in the ‘Pause and Build’ mode, so I only have two options available. I can either activate the ‘Pause’ mode or sell/close my store. 

deactivate store

Let’s take a look at what these options do and what is the best option for your store. 

Pause and Build Mode

The pause and build mode is the best option if your store is still in development or you didn’t have many sales lately. It gives you the possibility of taking a break without having to completely close your Shopify store. 

In this mode, you have full access to your whole store, but your checkout will be unavailable, meaning that you won’t be able to make any sales. At the same time, your normal subscription will stop, and you will go to a basic $9/month plan while you think of your next move. 

Start a new store

This option will allow you to create a new store with a new 14-day free trial. It’s mainly for use when you just aren’t happy with this store anymore but would like another trial to try something new.

Deactivate store

If you are completely sure you want to close your Shopify store, then you can simply close the store and completely deactivate it.

What you need to consider when closing your store:

  • You will be able to reactivate your store if you pay for the subscription.
  • Apps subscriptions will be instantly cancelled. This can cause apps to permanently delete your information, so make sure that you don’t need the apps to keep running.
  • You won’t be able to create another store with the same name.
  • Make sure there are no gift cards left unresolved.
  • If you bought your domain through Shopify, move it to another provider before closing your store.
  • If you used a third-party domain for your store, make sure to remove it from your store, as you may not be able to use it anymore.
  • Any outstanding charges will be billed at the moment you close your store.

Happily, you have all the tools you need if you want to close a Shopify store. Choose the option that’s best for you and your business!

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