How to Add a Drop-Down Menu to Squarespace in 3 Steps

How to Add a Drop-Down Menu to Squarespace

Drop-down menus on Squarespace are handy for organizing categories within your store or site. They can help organize what would typically be too many categories along your header into smaller subcategories and allows your users access to many more subcategories than they otherwise wouldn’t be able to.

Adding a drop-down menu on a Squarespace store can vary depending on the template you are using, but we’ll be using Squarespace 7.1 while creating this content, as well as using a standard base template that Squarespace provides.

Adding a drop-down menu on Squarespace: Step-by-step guide

Before you follow the below steps, ensure you’re logged into your Squarespace account and on your Squarespace dashboard where your websites are listed.

  1. Log in to your Squarespace account and select the website you want to edit.
Website list on the Squarespace dashboard.
  1. Click on the “+” tab next to “Main Navigation” and select “Folder“.
Adding a folder option to Main navigation in the pages panel editor on Squarespace
  1. Click “Add Page” to create a new page in the drop-down menu.
Adding a page to a drop-down menu in the Squarespace page panels editor.

From here, you can continue to add your pages however you like.

You can also move pages you’ve already created previously into the drop-down menu reasonably quickly. You can view how to do this in the quick video below.

Drop-down folder menu settings

Folder settings on Squarespace

The folder settings menu on Squarespace allows you to change all base settings from “Page Title” to “Navigation Title” & “URL Slug“. The Navigation & Page titles are self-explanatory, but the URL slug should be the page where the user will go when they click the text you’re editing.

You can see a quick example of setting up a drop-down menu below:

Note: Specific steps may vary depending on your template and the version of Squarespace you are using. Additionally, some templates may not support drop-down menus or may require additional customization.


Why is a drop-down menu good for a site?

A drop-down menu improves the navigation capabilities of your site or store. They allow you to fit more categories into your site’s browsing features for users & customers to filter their products as much as needed.

How do I change the background color of my drop-down menu?

Some background colors vary depending on your header style or layout. To change this, go to “Edit Site Header” on the pages panel, then click “Style“, and finally, select your preferred choice between “Solid“, “Gradient“, “Theme“, or “Dynamic


Drop-down menus on Squarespace can be a helpful tool for organizing categories within a site or store, allowing for more subcategories than would typically fit in a site’s header and adding one is a very simple task.

Not only does a drop-down menu help to increase the amount of pages you can include in your header in the form of categories or anything else but it also helps to give your Squarespace site or store a cleaner look while retaining the intuitiveness that helps people browse your site with ease.

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