How to Enable Customer Accounts on Shopify in 30 Seconds

How to enable customer accounts on shopify

Setting up customer accounts is an essential part of any eCommerce business. It allows customers to have greater control of their purchases, track their shipments, and reorder items quickly and easily, and Shopify has that simple process to enable customer accounts.

To enable customer accounts on Shopify, go to “Settings” and head to “Checkout and accounts”. Under “Customer accounts”, you can enable accounts with one click. That will allow your customers to log in to your store, view past orders, and save their shipping and billing addresses for future orders.

This article will go through all the steps to enable customer accounts on Shopify.

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Enabling customer accounts in Shopify

1. Go to the Shopify dashboard > “Settings” 

To enable customer accounts on your online shop, you must first go to Settings in the Shopify dashboard. Once you’ve logged in, your Shopify Settings tab should be located in the left-hand sidebar of your Shopify dashboard towards the bottom.

That will open a new page with all the settings for your store.

Settings option on the Shopify dashboard

2. Go to “Customer accounts”

Once you are in the Settings menu, select the “Customer accounts” tab.

From there, you’ll see plenty of options for customizing your checkout process, including how to set up customer accounts.

customer accounts

3. Customize your account settings

You can customize the following items from the Customer accounts menu:

  • Whether your customers need to log in before checking out.
  • Whether your customers need to log in on the main Shopify website before checking out.
  • The type of registered customer accounts you want your customers to use.

You’ll need to save your choices to enable your customers to use personal accounts on your Shopify store.

Also, make sure you enable the customer account login icon in the header on Shopify. This is important to let customers log into their accounts.

Enabling the ability to sign in with Shop

Here you can enable the “Sign in with Shop”. Learn more about signing in with Shop.

Customer account URL customization

Here are the ways to change your domain on the new customer accounts by clicking the “Change domain” link.

You can also preview the accounts by clicking on the “Preview” links.

customer account urls

Customer account actions

Now you can enable the self-serve customer returns within your accounts. This is the way to do it.

What is the difference between Classic and New customer accounts?

Shopify has two different types of customer accounts. This includes the new and classic versions.

If you have app configurations in your classic customer accounts, then you won’t be able to upgrade to the new customer accounts. It completely depends on which options you want.

FeatureClassic customer accountsNew customer accounts
Login experienceCustomers can log in using an email and a password or sign in with ShopCustomers can log in using a one-time six-digit verification code that’s sent to their email address
Account creationCustomers accept account invites or create a new account from the login pageAccounts are created when a customer logs in using an email address
BrandingUses branding from your online store theme settingsUses branding from your checkout settings, except on the login page
Liquid customizations
Supports apps
Order history and status
Saved addresses
Supports B2B
Supports self-serve returns
Supports Multipass
Supports reordering

Delivering digital products to customers’ accounts

You can easily deliver digital files in your customers’ accounts using the Fileflare Digital Downloads app. You will need to sign up for their Premium plan to unlock this feature, but it’s so worth it. The app has unlimited bandwidth, orders and products, which is better than what other apps offer.

This feature really helps customers be able to access their downloads anytime they need.

Learn how to enable customer account digital downloads.


Why is it so essential to enable customer accounts on my Shopify store?

Customer accounts are crucial to helping improve customer retention on your Shopify store. Customers will feel more welcome; they’ll be able to track their orders, store items in their baskets & process returns more easily. It all helps to improve the overall customer experience on your store.

Why can’t I find “Checkouts & Accounts” on my Shopify dashboard?

Sometimes the setting on your dashboard is just called “Checkout“. This is likely because you don’t have customer accounts enabled on your site.

Final thoughts

If you enable customer accounts on your Shopify store, you’ll make your customers’ lives much easier. If your customers have an account, you’ll be able to better keep track of purchase history, contact information, and more.

Plus, customers will appreciate being able to easily track their orders and save their information for future purchases. So why not set up customer accounts today? Your customers will be glad you did!

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