How to Add PayPal to Squarespace [7 Second Tutorial]

How to add PayPal to Squarespace

PayPal is one of the most commonly used online payment methods for secure payments throughout the web. If you don’t trust a site fully and want to purchase a product, PayPal is a suitable payment method since it has many buyer protection features.

It’s a very easy process to enable PayPal payment methods on a Squarespace site. We’ll go through it in straightforward detail while providing as much necessary information as possible.

Adding PayPal to Squarespace: Step-by-step guide

This step-by-step guide will go through how to add PayPal to your Squarespace site quickly & easily.

What you’ll need:

1. Go to “Commerce” > “Store Payments”

  1. Once on your Squarespace dashboard, select “Commerce“.
Commerce option on the Squarespace dashboard.
  1. Next, go to “Store Payments“. You can find this if you scroll down the menu on the left side of the page. You should see it under the “Setup” section.
Store payments option on the Squarespace dashboard.
  1. You should see a PayPal option. Select “Connect” to get started.

2. Follow Paypal’s on-screen setup process

Once you’ve selected “Connect“, you should be able to follow the on-screen instructions that PayPal provides and then return to Squarespace once done.

It’s a reasonably straightforward process, the only reason we’re not providing images and information regarding this as it requires a lot of sensitive information and is easy to do. (Even for non-tech savvy individuals).

3. Finish setup

Once you’re back on Squarespace after following the PayPal setup process and everything is connected, your customers should see a “Continue with PayPal” option when purchasing products from your store. If this happens, you’ve succeeded in adding PayPal to your Squarespace store.

Optional Step: Disconnecting PayPal

If you ever change your mind and no longer want the PayPal payment method available on your store, you can go back to “Commerce” > “Store Payments” and select “Disconnect” under the PayPal option.

It’s as easy as that to disconnect PayPal from your Squarespace site as a payment method.

7-Second Video tutorial

The below video shows you exactly where to go to start the process of linking PayPal with your Squarespace store.

We won’t go into the PayPal process due to the personal information involved, but you need to log into your business account or create one. Then follow the on-screen instructions.


Should I use PayPal or alternative methods to process my payments?

If you’re asking which is better, probably Square or Stripe as they don’t include any hidden fees and are cheaper in the long run. It’s hard to ignore the widely popular use of PayPal, though, so it might be worth including it as an option for customers.

What percentage does PayPal take from my sales?

PayPal charges a base fee of 2.99% per transaction for the sale of goods from business to consumer. This can really add up in the long run, so it may be worth more research before using the payment platform.

Is it a good idea to use PayPal on my Squarespace site?

It is! There’s no denying the safety and security that comes with PayPal. This alone can encourage your customers to make that sale where they otherwise wouldn’t.


Adding PayPal to your online store is an excellent choice as it opens up a payment option to a whole new demographic of people. This will only help to further increase your sales and potentially store traffic in the future.

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