How to Add Reviews to Squarespace in 9 Seconds

how to add reviews to squarespace

Product reviews are incredibly important to increasing trust with the customer when it comes to purchasing a product. Not only does a high rating on a product lead to a potential increase in sales & credibility, but it can also affect unique site traffic by decreasing bounce rate and increasing dwell time.

You can enable product reviews directly on your site or enable imported reviews from Etsy or another commerce platform if you already have an existing profile with one of them.

You can enable reviews for all types of products on your site, whether physical, digital, or simply service products. If enabled and the customer buys it, they can review it.

The customer will receive a request to review their product up to 14 days after purchase, which they can then review the product they purchased.

Note: Scroll down to view our 9-second tutorial for adding reviews on Squarespace.

Adding reviews to Squarespace: Step-by-step guide

You can add both store & product reviews to your Squarespace store. It’s strongly recommended to do this if you’re looking to improve your store’s credibility. It will only help your potential customers trust your site that much more.

Ensure you’re on your Squarespace dashboard, and select the website you want to add reviews to.

  1. From the website dashboard, go to the “Commerce” page.
  1. Select “Product Reviews“, and you’ll be brought to a settings page with several settings relating to reviews.

Product review settings

  • Request reviews – When enabled, customers will receive an automated email 2 weeks after completing their order. The customer can ignore this or create a review for the product.
  • Email Notifications – As the site owner, you will be notified if a customer reviews a product.
  • Etsy Reviews – You can import any Etsy review if you already have a profile with already sold products on the platform.
  • Display settings – You can display only store or product reviews on your site. You can also choose to display both.

Video tutorial

Below is a straightforward, 9-second video tutorial showing exactly where to go and what to do to enable reviews on Squarespace.


Product reviews are and have always been crucial for running an online storefront. As explained above, store & product reviews help increase the store’s credibility and the level of trust that a customer has for a product or a store.

If a product or store has plenty of good reviews, other people will feel more inclined to trust that it’s a good quality product or storefront.

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