How to Cancel a Paid Shopify App Subscription [Fastest Way + Tips]

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It’s scary trying to end paid subscriptions. Often, you end up doing it incorrectly and causing more problems down the line. Trying to find out how to cancel a Shopify paid app subscription can also be frustrating when you just can’t find the cancel option anywhere.

You have come to the right place if your e-commerce store no longer requires a Shopify paid app subscription.

Here’s how to cancel a Shopify paid app subscription in 4 easy steps:

  1. Go to your Shopify dashboard
  2. Click “Settings”
  3. Click “Apps and Sales Channels”
  4. On the app that you want to cancel, click “Remove”. The subscription will automatically be cancelled once removing the app.

 The rest of this writing will go into more detail on how these steps play out. If you’re interested in finding more must-have Shopify apps, check this guide:

Things to check before cancelling

Check the app’s billing cycle

The two types of apps supported on the Shopify dashboard are either recurring pricing or usage pricing. 

If you delete an app with recurring pricing, you may still be charged for the month when you delete the app.

However, they will stop charging you from the month after that. With usage pricing, you will only get billed for the time you use the app. 

Therefore, if you still have some use for the app but cannot continue to pay for it, check whether or not it is recurring pricing. If it is, check the billing cycle and get the best possible use of it before you say goodbye. 

You can check whether the app you want to delete is recurring or usage pricing.

App subscriptions run on Shopify’s billing terms, not the app developers. Shopify first receives the money and then pays it to the app developers after two weeks.

Is the app increasing revenue?

Sometimes it’s better to keep an app if it’s driving more revenue. As long as the revenue is in profit and more than what the app charges, then it may just be worth you keeping it.

Will this cause any broken code in your theme?

Broken code in your theme files can cause your store to slow down. As the browser tries to process the request and it doesn’t work, it will cause problems as it retries, slowing down your store.

This can also cause issues with styling, but it depends on what sort of app you have.

Does the app have a billing cycle outside of Shopify?

Some apps, such as Klaviyo, have gotten permission to use a billing cycle outside of Shopify. This means that you will need to go to their website to cancel your subscription. This isn’t common, but it’s worth checking.

How to cancel a Shopify app subscription

1. Go to your Shopify dashboard & click “Settings”

The next step is to log in to your store. You can log in to Shopify via desktop or mobile app using your store credentials to view your main admin dashboard.

Without logging in, you cannot see your collection of apps. And without a view of your apps, you will be unable to delete any.

Once you reach your Shopify dashboard, you can click on the “Settings” in the bottom-left corner.

2. Select “Apps and Sales Channels”

From your Settings page, you should see a button labelled “Apps and Sales Channels” in the menu. Use this button to access your list of apps and scroll through to find the one you want to cancel.

3. Click “Remove”

Once you select the app you want to cancel, click the “Delete” option. A confirmation popup message should appear and ask you if you want to delete the app.

Confirm the popup by selecting “Delete” again, and voilà! You will have successfully cancelled the unwanted subscription on the Shopify app!

Please note: Shopify’s rules state that all data the app holds for you must be deleted within 48 hours. This can take place anytime within that timeframe.

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Final thoughts

Once you have deleted the paid app, your Shopify paid app subscription will automatically cancel. However, note that if the paid app was a recurring subscription, you might still get charged for the next month. After that month, you will not be billed. 

Also, once your unwanted paid app is gone, double-check your store to ensure there are no problems. If there are problems, try to figure them out yourself or contact a developer for help.

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