5 Best Currency Converter Apps for Shopify

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If you want to hit international targets, you need to operate in the local currency. Thankfully, Shopify has numerous auto currency switcher applications available. Below, we’re going to go through five of the best currency converter apps available on Shopify’s App Store.

Read our guide if you’re looking to implement a currency converter app on your Shopify store.

#1: Coin Currency Converter (The Best Overall)


  • Costs $9.99 per month (14-day free trial)
  • Uses the latest currency rates
  • Converts currency automatically
  • Support for 193 currencies
  • Uses leading financial sources

Why Coin is Number One

Coin offers the best international reach potential because of its widespread support and up-to-date AJAX conversion rates. This currency converter app automatically identifies international customers using IPs and Shopify Payments. 

In cases where customers work internationally, they might choose their default currency. For those who operate using customer accounts, this enables an override option from the prior money. 

Currency exchange rates come from official tracking sources. Coin also tracks Bitcoin exchange rates for customers who make payments using cryptocurrency. However, you are not required to accept cryptocurrency to use Coin.

Coin also works with Sufio, a well-known invoicing app available on Shopify. This currency app offers the best overall shopping experience as a simple and powerful tool. 

#2: BEST Currency Converter (Flexible for Free and Paid Options)


  • Costs $9.95 per month 
  • Includes free plan 
  • Enables switching between three design choices
  • Support for 160+ currencies 
  • Provides checkout notifications of exchange rates 

Why BEST is a Good Secondary Option

You should immediately be sceptical of any software that includes “best” in the title. However, the BEST Currency Converter happens to be one of the good ones.

BEST offers two different pricing options: the “Elite Plan” at $9.95 a month and a free version. The free version includes five currencies and the same design options as the premium plan.

You’ll find yourself immediately limited by the five currencies, reducing your access to some international markets. However, this might be ideal if you only want to target a small number of countries. 

Currency updates happen twice a day. Most people like to use the available “rounding feature” for this conversion to bring your changed money to the next level. While it won’t track your customer’s location, it offers a great combined tool.

#3: Nova: multi Currency Converter


  • It covers most major currencies
  • Country flag selector makes it easy for users
  • It is free to use
  • Easy to activate/deactivate, handles automatic switching depending on customer data

Why Multi-Currency Hero is the Best Free Option

As one of the few 100% free currency conversion options, this platform offers a powerful way to increase sales. First, Nova does have an automatic conversion device and the ability to select your country based on the flag. 

While the number of currencies is a bit lower, it does support major currencies of most locations you can target. It enables this currency conversion directly from the product page.

Given that it is free, it is a lot less potent than many other options on this list. It overlays on different screens, offering no integration options with existing apps. Instead, it’s a standalone product that scans for dollar amounts on the page. 

The app is free because it is a sales channel leading to a tool to reduce cart abandonment rates. Despite seeing this advertisement, it isn’t invasive and still makes this free tool a solid option. 

#4: Currency Converter Plus (Most Comprehensive)


  • Support for 222 currencies
  • Uses geolocation serves to track currency
  • It costs $9.99 per month (30-day free trial)
  • Offers an updated exchange rate every minute
  • Support for precious metals 

Why Currency Converter Plus is a Good Choice

Currency Converter Plus is the only converter on this list that includes rates for precious metals. You could feasibly trade one of your products for silver, gold, or platinum. While that use is pretty limited, it’s a fascinating inclusion.

 Currency Converter Plus also offers geolocation features (to change currency based on IP) with support for 222 currencies, the most of any provider. You can also change the price on-screen using the dropdown menu. You can also convert crypto.

This app is excellent for gaining an accurate price, bragging about getting currencies within one minute. While this puts it on par with our number one option, it is a handy feature regardless. The “plus” is for getting currencies to you quickly. 

Its drawback comes back to the lack of a free edition, making it less flexible than others. Granted, it is one of the most powerful platforms you can use if your goal is to increase international sales. Also, if your goal is to trade for local silver and global sales, there are no other options. 

#5 Currency Converter Bear (Good Customer Service)


  • Supports 160 currencies
  • Auto converts currency from location
  • Automatically rounds converted prices
  • It costs $9.99 per month
  • Integrates with Honeycomb Upsell, Bundles Bear, and Ultimate Sticky ATC

What Makes Currency Converter Bear Great

Currency Converter Bear takes inspiration from other bear-themed products (i.e., TunnelBear). I imagine the idea is that they “tear the competition apart.” This bear is pretty powerful.

 It is automatically ready to go within the first two minutes, integrating with most store temes. It allows you to switch between four layouts to determine what works best for your design. There is also a hidden mode that will automatically convert currencies without giving customers control over the system. 

Support for over 160 currencies makes this platform reasonably worthwhile. While it isn’t quite 222, it likely works in your preferred currency and has more than enough for most businesses. 

It also integrates with a few other tools (seen above) worth mentioning. You have control over where this appears through copying and pasting the code. 


International expansion is a great option when it comes to expanding your business horizons. This all starts with making your product available in local money. Tending to your customer’s place with the relevant currency is a great start. This, alongside translation services, can be a significant way you boost your sales ahead of your competition.

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