How to Check Shopify Product Activity History

How to Check Shopify Product Activity History

It’s not possible to see all product activity history on Shopify. But you can track the activity history of your product’s inventory, only if you are tracking it by enabling the “Track quantity” checkbox in the “Inventory” section.

You probably want to track the activity history because of a few reasons, such as – in case there have been some changes, such as variants, price adjustments or similar.

There may be some apps on the app store that could do this for you, but you would need to have them installed before tracking, which is not ideal!

Continue reading below to see if the inventory history can help you.

Product inventory history in Shopify

What is tracked in “View inventory history”

Inventory history will only be tracked if you have enabled the checkbox “Track quantity”. Therefore, it doesn’t work with digital products if you have set your inventory to not be tracked.

  • Date – The date of the adjustment.
  • Activity – The event that caused the adjustment, such as a transfer or an order. If a staff member caused the adjustment, then their name is listed.
  • Unavailable – The inventory that is unavailable after the adjustment.
  • Committed – The number of units that are part of an order but aren’t yet fulfilled. Inventory units that are part of draft orders aren’t counted as committed until the draft order becomes an order.
  • Available – The inventory quantity that is available after the adjustment, and that isn’t committed to any orders or reserved for any draft orders.
  • On hand – The inventory that is on hand after the adjustment, and that is a sum of your CommittedUnavailable, and Available inventory.

How to view inventory history

1. Go to your Shopify dashboard, then go to “Products” & click on a product

products shopify

2. Scroll down to the “Inventory” section & click “Adjustment history”

Click on “Adjustment history” to view all the adjustment history.

  • This link will only show if you have enabled the “Track quantity” option.
  • You can only see up to 90 days of history
inventory section in shopify

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