7 Best Chatbox Apps For Your Shopify Store

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About 40% of customers are more likely to buy your product if you offer live chat features. So having chat software on your Shopify store can be helpful. It legitimizes your store and creates an easy way to contact you. 

Below, we have a total review of seven of the best chatbox apps you can get for your Shopify store. 

What is a chatbox app? 

A chatbox app is a program you install to your store that enables communication directly from the website. Consider it to be an instant messaging service for businesses, similar to Facebook Messenger.

What makes a chatbox app useful is that it provides a direct form of communication without ever leaving the store. It is seen as a common place to answer questions, address concerns, and make inquiries. So if you want to improve customer service, get a chatbox. 

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The 7 best chatbox Shopify apps

Here’s a quick summary of what we will be reviewing today:

1. The best overall: Crisp

crisp chat


Free$0Two seats
Pro$25 per monthFour seats
Unlimited$95 /mo.Twenty seats


Crisp is the best overall tool because of its widespread integration. Beyond Shopify, it also works with WordPress stores. You can also integrate it with WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Slack, and Telegram. Beyond that, it also works with automated tools like Zapier. 

It’s not available on the Shopify app store, but you can integrate it as an outsider app into your store. It’s the most trusted by many app developers and has proven to work wonders.

It has a built-in helpdesk system, integrates your knowledge base, and even provides a chatbot. You also get a shared inbox to collaborate on work between groups. Live chat features go as far as to include a co-browsing feature, enabling you to provide more direct visual help. 

2. Real-time customer information: Tidio

tidio chatbox


Free$0Three chat operators and up to 100 visits per month
Communicator Plan$19 /mo.One chat operator (unlimited visits), visitor data, and profiles
Unlimited$49 /mo.Unlimited chatbots, templates, visual editors, and Zapier integration

Additional manual chat operators cost $19 per month per person.


What makes Tidio stand out is its engaging workflow features. Being able to see your chatbot’s process (similar to a mind map) is awesome. It makes it incredibly easy to explore different what-if scenarios. 

tidio workflow example shopify

Tidio tends to be a bit more expensive for larger teams. However, eCommerce groups that do use them enjoy Tidio for awesome customer service. 

3. Excellent scalability potential: Gorgias

gorgias chat


Basic$60Unlimited agents and 300 support tickets per month
Pro$360 per month2000 tickets 
Advanced$900 /mo.5000 tickets 

One hundred additional tickets may be bought for about $20.


Gorgias has the most scalability of any chatbox on this list. The system is advanced enough to have intents & sentiment detection, shifting the chatbot’s response based on what you need. The system also has a strong profile-based ticket system, breaking people down by person, order, and situation.

Compared to other providers on this list, Gorgias is more expensive. However, the multi-store support and advanced features help out quite a bit. You can even sign up for a “Gorgias Academy” to understand the system. 

4. Has a built-in contact form: Chatra



Free$0Standard live chat
Essential$21 per monthChatbots, social media integrations, and file transfers
Pro$29 /mo.Chat ratings, operating hours, more integrations


What makes Chatra unique is the built-in contact form. It asks people to fill in some information, directing them to the right place. It acts as a text box within a text box, creating a pretty beautiful experience.

Chatra also allows you to set operating hours, become invisible, and create groups for different people or queries. Compared to other chat apps, Chatra keeps it simple. This is ideal in a situation where you don’t need too much.  

5. The free version: WhatsApp Chat, Telegram & MORE

whatsapp chat


WhatsApp Chat and Share is completely free, with no payments required. 


WhatsApp Chat doesn’t have any official title. Despite this, it manages to have some handy live chat features. The only disappointment is that there are no chatbots, but that isn’t a total loss. 

Unlike other providers, the demo page actually lets you see what’s going on. You can test out numerous visual designs. The app also allows you to see what accounts are available. You can also expect a high number of channels like Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, and SMS text. 

6. Includes order tracking widget: Willdesk

willdesk shopify app


Willdesk is another app that costs no money. Spend it on a coffee instead. 


Being free, Willdesk is another one of those apps in early development. Because the chat widget is still discovering itself, features are still coming out. What they have at this time is pretty effective and visually engaging. 

Because you are dealing with a small team, customer service is pretty good. As this company grows, we only hope that potential customers help it grow. Until then, the free order tracking feature is a great starting feature.

7. The classic (and free) one: Shopify Inbox

shopify inbox example photo


Shopify Inbox is another free chatbox app.


Shopify Inbox is the default option when most people look for chatboxes. Because it is from Shopify, there is some care being put into it. However, because the team behind it is much larger, customer support is a bit more spotty.

The system is visually engaging and great to look at. You can send automated messages, but the system doesn’t include some more advanced chat features. Overall, it can improve the customer experience, so it’s not a bad start. 

Wrap Up

The ultimate chatbox app is Crisp, coming off its excellent integration potential. The ability to automate your store across multiple fronts helps you make money. That way, you can focus on bigger things.

Having a simple chatbox on your site can help you improve your sales rates. So, if you want to instil confidence and give people more reasons to buy, any app on this list can help.

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