8 Best Shopify Dropshipping Apps + Expert Tips

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As an eCommerce entrepreneur looking to scale your business with Shopify, you need the best dropshipping apps to do that. These apps will help you optimize your supply chain as you efficiently connect customers to the products they need and improve your brand’s reputation.  

Here are the 8 best Shopify dropshipping apps for your business today.

  1. Dsers
  2. Trendsi
  3. Zendrop
  4. Cucheng
  5. Syncee-1
  6. Spocket 
  7. DSM
  8. Printify

The rest of this post highlights the features and benefits of these apps and other relevant information about them. 

1. Dsers

With Dsers, you can find and import products seamlessly as you are exposed to suppliers with premium quality products and competitive prices. The app allows you to place numerous orders at once so you can optimize time and be effective in your trade. Customer support is available 24 hours, and you can start with a 14-day free trial or the basic plan for free users. Paid plans start from $19.90 per month.  

Highlights of this app include: 

  • Fast multiple order placement  
  • Integration with Aliexpress, Wix, and more 
  • 24 hours live customer service 
  • Access to the best suppliers 
  • Notifications about Industry trends
  • Supplier optimizer

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2. Trendsi 

Trendsi is a fashion dropshipping app for fashion entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses. This app takes care of the integral part of your fashion sales like inventory management, packing, shipping, and invoicing. Now you can focus on the integral parts of your fashion business and scale. 

Since fashion sales thrive on pictures, Trendsi has an in-house photography service to provide you with professional photos that you can use to lure clients. The app is free to install and use, but you will pay product and shipping service fees.  

Highlights of the app include: 

  • Custom packaging 
  • Photography assistance 
  • Faster shipping and returns 
  • Support includes training for newbies 
  • Efficient sourcing from the best suppliers 
  • Industry trends notifications

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3. Zendrop

Zendrop is a leading e-commerce platform that bridges the gap between e-shopping merchants and dropshipping stores. It’s an app for dropshippers who want to scale with full-time support, fast shipping, custom branding, order tracking, and other productive features. There are free and paid plans with an 8-day free trial to get the hang of how it works. 

Highlights of the app include: 

  • World-class round-the-clock support 
  • Order tracking 
  • Page customization 
  • Custom packaging 
  • Access to the best and most legitimate suppliers

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4. Cucheng (CJDropshipping) 

CJ dropshipping offers product sourcing services for dropshippers and makes it easy to fetch products or connect existing ones to your Shopify store. You can keep tabs on your orders and analyze deliveries, enjoy same-day processing and get support from a 24-hour customer service team. It’s free to install and use, but there are service charges and product fees. 

Highlights of the app include: 

  • Batch dropshipping orders 
  • Custom packaging 
  • Efficient order tracking
  • Sourcing requests available for unavailable products 
  • Automatic processing of orders 
  • 24/7 support

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5. Syncee

Syncee exposes you to over four million profitable products in nearly 400 categories sourced from over 12,000 reputable brands. It’s the one-stop place for all dropshipping products while also accessing full-time support, automated solutions, currency exchange, filter settings, and multiple integrations. While there’s a free plan, pricing starts at $29 per month for basic users. 

Highlights of the app:

  • Auto-synchronization across payment platforms 
  • Unlimited suppliers allowed 
  • Live chat with suppliers 
  • Multiple language support 
  • Easy product listing and fast delivery 
  • Customer support

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6. Spocket – US & EU Dropshipping

Spocket is for people in the EU and US and is affiliated with AliExpress. This app gives you access to lucrative products from suppliers across Europe and the United States as you include them in your list in a few clicks. Shipping is complete within three to five days, and you can track orders until they get to their destinations.

Spockets takes care of all your product’s inventory and updates you on the latest trends. A 14-day free trial is available, with pricing starting at $24.99 per month.

Highlights of the app:

  • Brand customization 
  • Real-time order tracking
  • Print-on-demand options with Amazon and others 
  • 24/7 support via phone and chat 
  • Discounts and wholesale prices are available 
  • Product samples available

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7. DSM ‑ Global Dropshipping

DSM gives dropshippers access to trusted suppliers who offer excellent products at competitive prices. It’s linked to AliExpress for order tracking, bulk product importation to your Shopify store, and product synchronization. To ensure you find the app easy to use, DSM offers a streamlined product sourcing service using keywords, photos, and budget searching. You can start with a free trial available for two weeks, while pricing starts at $19.97 per month. 

Highlights include: 

  • Integration with multiple e-commerce sites 
  • Custom packaging 
  • Product synchronization and updates 
  • Bulk order management 
  • Inspection service to determine quality products

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8. Printify

Printify is for print-on-demand online merchants who want to scale easily. Online merchants can create custom products in seconds and have them listed on Shopify. Printify takes care of all the logistics, including printing, shipping, and even sourcing for products if you don’t want to create them. There’s a free plan for new users and a paid premium plan which starts at $29 per month. 

Highlights of the app include: 

  • Access to over 600 products 
  • Mockup generator 
  • 24/7 customer support 
  • Limitless product designs 
  • Network of over 65 print providers 
  • Simplified product creation 
  • Automated order printing

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