What is SSL Pending on Shopify?

what is ssl pending shopify

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is a security protocol that helps protect your Shopify store from malicious activity. It allows customers to securely submit data to your store, such as personal information and payment details. However, your Shopify store may sometimes display “SSL pending,” which can be confusing.

SSL Pending on Shopify means you haven’t installed an SSL certificate for your domain. Without an SSL certificate, customers can’t securely access your store, which can hurt sales. To solve this issue, you must install an SSL certificate or configure your DNS records.

This article will discuss why your SSL may be pending on Shopify and what to do under such circumstances. Read on to learn more.

Understanding SSL Certificates

An SSL Certificate is a digital certificate that authenticates the identity of a website and encrypts information sent to the server using SSL technology. It creates a secure connection between the user’s browser and the website server, protecting sensitive data like login credentials, credit card information, and personal details from potential cyber threats.

Reasons your SSL is unavailable on Shopify

Several factors can cause your SSL to be pending on Shopify. Here are a few common reasons:

You haven’t installed an SSL Certificate

Installing the proper SSL Certificate configuration helps establish a secure connection between customers’ browsers and your server, ensuring their data is protected. Therefore, if you haven’t installed the SSL certificate, your SSL status will be pending.

Note: According to Shopify, you can’t use an SSL certificate from a third-party provider. Instead, Shopify offers free SSL certificates for stores that use its hosting.

Your Domain Name System (DNS) is not updated

If your DNS is not correctly configured, an SSL certificate cannot function properly, and you may experience a “pending” status. That’s why it is important to update the DNS settings with your hosting provider.

Once updated, you will be able to install the SSL certificate and enable secure connections to your Shopify store.

You haven’t activated SSL on your Shopify store

Once you have installed an SSL certificate and updated the DNS settings, you must activate SSL on your Shopify store. You can do that easily from your store’s Sales Channels page.

Once activated, customers will be able to securely submit data and make payments on your Shopify store.

What to do if your SSL certificate is pending on Shopify

The ‘Shopify SSL pending’ status indicates that Shopify is in the process of verifying your server and content to confirm that it meets the encryption standard. During this time, you can only access your website’s domain through the HTTP version. This status is temporary and usually resolves within 48 hours.

If your SSL certificate is pending on your Shopify store, here are a few steps you can take to rectify the issue:

Activate the SSL certificate

If you haven’t activated the SSL certificate, you need to do so immediately. Here are the steps:

  1. Log in to your Shopify Admin Panel.
  2. Go to Sales Channels and click on the “Online Store” option.
  3. Select Domains.
  4. Under Security, click on the “Activate SSL Certificate” option.

Adjust the DNS settings

As I mentioned earlier, you must configure your DNS settings properly for the SSL certificate to function correctly. To adjust the settings, consult with your hosting provider or refer to Shopify’s documentation.

Extra step: If you migrated a third-party domain to Shopify recently, ensure the CNAME and A records are updated to point to Shopify.

That said, this video may come in handy when connecting a custom domain to Shopify.

Contact Shopify Support

If you’re still stuck and unable to fix the issue, contact Shopify Support. The customer service team will provide further guidance and help you troubleshoot the problem.

Besides, they may also offer additional resources that can help you resolve the issue. Just ensure you have all the information ready when contacting them.

How long does an SSL certificate take on Shopify?

Once you connect your domain to Shopify, it can take up to 48 hours for the SSL certificate to be issued. This time allows for the verification or renewal of your SSL certificates.

The bottom line

SSL pending can be confusing, but with the right steps, you can fix it easily. Here are a few key takeaways:

  • Installing the proper SSL Certificate configuration is important for secure connections between customers’ browsers and your server.
  • Ensure your DNS settings are updated and you have activated SSL on your Shopify store.
  • Contact Shopify Support if you need help troubleshooting the issue.

Now that you know what to do if your SSL certificate is pending on Shopify, you can start taking action to ensure your customers have a safe and secure shopping experience.

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