4 Very Best Heatmap Apps for Shopify

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Want to optimize your Shopify store, boost conversions, and increase your bottom line? One of the most important steps is understanding how customers interact with your site—where they click the most, how far down each page they scroll, and what areas of your site they most focus on. To get this information, you need heat mapping software.

The best heatmap apps for Shopify include Hotjar, Lucky Orange, and Retter. These Platforms allow you to discover trends and identify the areas in your site that users often ignore. Some heatmap apps also have cart abandonment and conversion tracking features. 

This article will give you a deeper understanding of what these apps can do for your Shopify store so you can decide which one to go for. Read on to learn the features and benefits of each of these apps.

1. Microsoft Clarity

Microsoft Clarity is a free app by Microsoft. It’s probably one of the favourites right now for the cost. You get the bare bones of a heatmap app.



2. Hotjar

hotjar heatmap

Hotjar is one of the most popular heatmap apps today. For this reason and its numerous robust features (to be addressed shortly), we recommend it for your Shopify store even though it’s not available on Shopify’s app store.

It’s really easy to implement to Shopify, just by adding some code into your store or Google Tag Manager.

Hotjar lets you identify the most popular elements in your Shopify shop. It lets you visualize what happens when users interact with your site. This makes it easier to digest the insights and develop more practical strategies to address areas with issues.

Benefits of using Hotjar:

  • You can confirm how effective your changes in the store are by analyzing customers’ moves and clicks before and after effecting the changes.
  • Analyze recordings to understand your customers’ journey from when they get to your store to when they leave. This can help you discover customers’ pain points or distractions.
  • Get raw customer feedback about different website features or elements using Hotjar’s live feedback feature.


  • Basic – $0 forever
  • Plus plan – $39/month
  • Business plan – From $99/month
  • Scale plan – To be discussed.

3. Lucky Orange

lucky orange

With a 4.5 star rating, Lucky Orange is indeed one of the best heatmap apps for your Shopify store. 

By looking at the heatmaps or watching live recordings of customers’ journeys on your site, it’s easier to understand the bottlenecks customers may face when navigating your Shopify store.

Lucky Orange helps you reduce shopping cart abandonments and increase conversions.

Benefits of using Lucky Orange Heatmaps & Replay:

  • A customizable dashboard that helps you see the most important metrics at a glance
  • Live chats enable you to communicate with customers, preventing cart abandonment
  • Session recordings give you insight into the purchasing behavior of customers from different sources, e.g., Facebook, IG, TikTok, etc.
  • Conversion funnels are also very key in enabling users to identify where they are losing money


  • Free plan – free
  • Launch plan – $9/month
  • Build plan – $18/month
  • Grow plan – $35/month

4. Retter


Retter is an easy-to-use software that gives you actionable insights into what makes your customers buy and what prevents them from buying. This information helps you make data-driven decisions on how to increase conversions.

If you just started your Shopify shop and are working on a tight budget, you can get the Retter app free of charge. The free plan offers all the features available with the pro plan. The only difference is that you can only view up to 500 pages each month with the free plan.

Key features in Retter Heatmaps & Replay are:

  • Retter Heatmap software offers an easy workflow while providing the tools necessary to assess and understand customers’ interactions with your shop.
  • Heatmaps let you see the most popular spots on your website. 


  • Free plan – Free
  • Basic plan – $4.99/month 
  • Advanced plan – $9.99/month
  • Pro plan – $19.99/month

5. Replay Site Recorder & Surveys


Like the other heatmap software in this article, the Replay Site Recorder & Surveys app allows you to track customer actions on your site using your computer or mobile phone.

Even if you get data insights from other sources like Google Analytics, the app helps you understand why the customers took specific actions. 

The recordings offer great insights into areas that need improvement or optimization on your Shopify store. 

Key features of Replay Site Record & Surveys app:

  • Post-purchase surveys give you further insight into your customer’s experience and help you get more actionable ideas for improvements.
  • Automatic metrics on your dashboard keep you updated with relevant information.
  • This app has very reliable customer service, so you can get assistance any time of day or night through their live chat or help center.


  • Free plan – free
  • Growth plan – $29/month
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