How to Easily Adjust your Shopify Logo Size for your Store

How to adjust the logo size on Shopify

Shopify is a popular platform for creating and managing online stores and having a well-designed logo is crucial for establishing your brand identity.

However, uploading a logo to Shopify doesn’t always guarantee it will display perfectly on your site. If you’ve uploaded your logo and feel like something’s off about it, chances are you need to adjust the Shopify logo size.

You can adjust the logo size in Shopify by opening the “Online Store” store menu from your dashboard. From there, click “Themes” and then the “Customize” option, which allows you to make changes to the logo from the “Header” menu. The ideal Shopify logo size is 200 x 200 pixels.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the steps to adjust the logo size in Shopify and explain the ideal dimensions for your logo in more detail. Whether you’re a new Shopify user or a seasoned pro, this guide will help you create a standout logo for your online store.

1. Open “Online Store” as an Admin

You’ll need to log in to Shopify as an admin and go to the menu on the left side of your screen. This section is your admin dashboard and allows you to edit various aspects of your store, including your logos and other images.

Scroll down and select “Online Store” from that dashboard. If you’re not logged in using your admin permissions, it won’t appear for you.

Online store option on the Shopify dashboard.

2. Open “Themes”

After selecting “Online Store”, more options will appear underneath it. The one at the very top should say “Themes”. You’ll want to click on that.

Doing so gives you more options and opens a new menu where you can edit your Shopify site.

Themes option on the Shopify dashboard.

3. Open “Customize”

Once you’re in the “Themes” menu, you can find the “Customize” button in the top right. It should stand out because it’s the only green button on the page. You can also review your current theme from this page to see how your site will look to visitors.

Customize button on the Shopify dashboard.

4. Edit the Logo Size

Select the “Header” menu from the top left of your dashboard. Once you’re in that menu, you can edit the size of your Shopify logo. You can upload a new logo from this section as well.

If you scroll down on the left side, you’ll see that you can customize the logo’s height and width, and dragging the slider there will change the dimensions of your design. You can experiment with the size until you find something that looks the best, or you can use the ideal Shopify logo size.

Make sure to save before you leave the page to keep the adjustments you made to the logo.

Replacing the logo on Shopify.

What’s the Ideal Shopify Logo Size?

Shopify accepts logos up to 450 x 250 pixels, although that’s likely too large for your website. The ideal logo size is 200 x 200 pixels since it’s not too big that it causes your site to load slowly, which can impact your sales.

200 x 200 pixels is perfect because if you go smaller, it gets too hard for your audience to see, but making it larger can slow your site down and reduce the image’s quality. If your logo isn’t the correct size, you can always use the above steps to resize it quickly. 

Using the Shopify Image Resizer

Shopify offers an intuitive and easy-to-use image resizer where you can resize any image to the recommended Shopify dimensions. We recommend using the compact option (1024×1024) and then using an image compressor to reduce the file size without sacrificing image quality or resolution.

Shopify logo size image resizer

Final Thoughts

Adjusting the logo size is essential to ensure your Shopify site looks professional and visually appealing to potential customers.

Following the simple steps outlined in this guide, you can easily resize your logo directly within Shopify and customize its dimensions to fit your needs. Remember, the ideal logo size for Shopify is 200 x 200 pixels, as it strikes the perfect balance between visibility and page load times.

With these tips in mind, you can create a standout logo for your Shopify site and attract more customers to your business.

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