How to Add Tax to Orders on Squarespace

How to add tax to orders on Squarespace

Squarespace is a popular platform for building and managing an online store. If you’re running an e-commerce business on Squarespace, one important aspect to consider is how to add tax to your orders.

Taxes can vary depending on your location, the location of your customer, and the type of product or service you’re selling. It’s essential to accurately calculate and apply the appropriate taxes to your orders to ensure compliance with local regulations and to avoid any potential legal issues.

In this post, we’ll guide you through the process of adding tax to orders on Squarespace, so you can streamline your e-commerce business and stay on top of your tax obligations.

Adding tax to orders on Squarespace: Step-by-step guide

Let’s assume that your store is set up and ready for trade, we’ll show you how to quickly add tax with ease. We’ll start the below guide by starting at the Squarespace dashboard.

Step 1 – Navigate to the taxes panel

  1. On the Squarespace dashboard, select the website you’d like to add the tax to.
  2. Select “Commerce“, scroll down on the new panel, and go to “Taxes“.
Taxes option in the commerce panel on Squarespace

Step 2 – Set up taxes according to your country

Now, setting up taxes will vary depending on the country you live in or operate your store in. When you’re on the new taxes menu, you have a number of options available.

You can manually set up tax and choose where you would like the tax to be applied in the checkout process.

  1. Select “Add Rate” and choose the country in which your store is operating.
Taxes menu in the commerce section of the Squarespace website editor
  1. A new window will appear, we’ve chosen the United Kingdom as that’s where we’re based.
Tax settings on Squarespace for the United Kingdom

We strongly recommend that you research how much tax it is you’ll need to apply here, but this varies with each country. You can do this by checking out the VAT rates on GlobalVATCompliance.

  1. After this is done, choose where you’d like to apply tax during any orders on your store. You can “Add at checkout” or “Include in price“.
How tax is added to orders on Squarespace settings.

If you choose “Add at checkout“, the tax will be added on top of the item price at checkout.

If you choose “Include in price“, the tax will be included in the item price when browsing the website.

Once done with this, you can go back to your menu and tax should be applied to any orders that are made through your store.


This article hopefully provides a clear and comprehensive guide for you to properly set up your tax rates, apply taxes to products & shipping, and display tax information to customers.

By following the above step-by-step instructions and using the provided screenshots, you can ensure that you’re collecting and remitting the appropriate taxes, which should help you to avoid any potential legal issues and maintain a professional image.


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