How to Add a Search Bar in Squarespace Quickly

How to Add a Search Bar in Squarespace

A search bar is a complete must-have for any storefront because you want to give your customers the ability to search for a particular product.

If there isn’t one and customers struggle to find a specific item, they’ll feel less inclined to use your website and might use another similar store. Thus, increasing your store/site’s bounce rate, which is never a good thing.

We’ll show you how to add a search bar to your store on Squarespace. Whether a new store or a currently existing one, this content should apply to all.

Adding a search bar: a quick guide

Note: This guide will show you how to add a search bar, not a search page, to your store. These are 2 completely different features within the Squarespace platform.

Before you start following the steps below, ensure you’re on your Squarespace dashboard and have selected the site you’d like to add your search function to.

Select “Add block” in the page section of your choice.

Search bar settings

Search bar settings on Squarespace

Pencil icon – This is for editing content or design. Within the “Content” tab, you’ll see the option called “Search specific page“. This essentially limits the search bar to functioning on one page rather than the entire site.

This is useful if you want a search bar specifically for searching particular content on the current page if it has lots of information.

Align vertically – You can align the search bar vertically within the blue box it’s located in. You can “Align Top“, “Align Center“, or “Align Bottom“.

Duplicate setting – This is self-explanatory; it allows you to directly duplicate the search bar, even with its customized settings.

Search bar vs built-in search page

Using the search block is different from using the built-in search page. If you have got a search bar set up on your store/site, you can use the built-in search page by typing “https://yoursitedomain.com/search

This function works with both built-in Squarespace domains and custom domains.


How do I add a search bar to my header?

Only specific templates will allow you to add a search bar in your header on Squarespace. Many templates allow you to; it’s just choosing the ones that do. It’s worth exploring through the many templates you like the look of.

Why isn’t my search bar working on my site?

There can be many reasons a search bar isn’t working on your site. You can troubleshoot any potential issues by ensuring certain pages on your site aren’t passworded. It’s also worth checking the block settings and ensuring you haven’t limited the search bar to just one page.


Adding a search bar is really easy within Squarespace. It’s just like adding any other block. The decision to add a search function to your store/site, however, is always a good choice as all it helps to do is make it easier and more convenient for your users to browse your site.

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