How to Build an eCommerce Website with Digital Downloads


eCommerce websites have become a popular way for businesses to sell their products and services online, thanks to their convenience and ease of use for businesses and customers. All businesses, including those selling digital products such as ebooks and software, can benefit from having an eCommerce website. But how do you build one specifically for selling digital downloads?

To build an eCommerce website with digital downloads, choose a platform that allows you to sell digital products, such as Shopify. Next, add your products with clear descriptions and high-quality visuals. Finally, install Fileflare by Massive Monkey and upload the products. 

This post will further discuss the steps involved in building an eCommerce website for digital downloads. I’ll also offer tips for protecting your digital products from copyright infringement. Let’s get started!

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1. Choose the Shopify eCommerce Platform

Choosing a suitable platform is the first step in creating an eCommerce store. I recommend using Shopify, a leading eCommerce platform that makes it easy for businesses to set up and manage their online store. With a presence in over 175 countries, Shopify offers a global reach for your business and provides various features to help you succeed, including digital asset management.

Here are the steps to create your Shopify account:

  1. Navigate to shopify.com and choose the “free trial” option.
  2. Enter your email address and create a password.
  3. Fill out the required information about your business.
  4. Select a plan that best fits your needs.
  5. Enter your credit card information.
  6. Follow the prompts and set up your preferred payment method.

The following YouTube video offers a helpful overview of setting up your Shopify account:

2. Install the Fileflare app to your Shopify store

After you’ve set up your Shopify account, it’s time to add Fileflare to your online store. The app allows you to securely sell and deliver digital products, such as:

  • E-books 
  • Music 
  • Videos
  • Software
  • PDFs
  • Zips

Here’s how to install the Fileflare app in Shopify:

  1. Open Shopify’s app store and look for Fileflare by Massive Monkey.
  2. Select “Add app” and confirm your installation.
  3. Follow the instructions to finish installing the app.
  4. After you’ve installed the app, you can begin creating digital products to sell on your eCommerce store.

3. Choose or create your products in Shopify

Now that you have installed the Fileflare app, it’s time to choose and create your digital products. Thankfully, there’s not much difference between creating a digital and a physical product.

Here’s how to choose and create your products:

  1. First, select “Products” from your Shopify admin dashboard and click “Add product.”
  2. Next, enter a title for the product and add a description, pricing information, and any necessary tags or vendor details.
  3. Under the “Images” section, upload a cover image for the product.
  4. In the “Product type” section, select “Digital.”
  5. Click “Save” after providing the necessary information.

3. Upload your products to Fileflare & attach them to your Shopify products

After creating your digital products in Shopify, it’s time to upload the actual files. Follow the steps below:

  1. In the Fileflare app, select “Assets”
  2. Click “Upload new assets”
  3. Upload your files
  1. Connect the asset to the related product in your store

Reasons to use the Fileflare app

Arguably, the Fileflare app is the best and safest way to sell and deliver digital products through Shopify. Here’s why:

The app protects against fraud and copyright infringement

The main benefit of using Fileflare is that it protects against fraud and copyright infringement. Customers can only access the digital products they have purchased, ensuring that you don’t lose out on profits due to illegal sharing or distribution.

Additionally, the app automatically generates secure, unique download links for each purchase, making it difficult for customers to share their purchased products with others.

You can also go a step further and restrict the number of downloads allowed per purchase to protect your products further.

Tip: Besides using Fileflare, here are more tips for preventing fraud and copyright infringement in your online store:

  • Watermark any preview images or samples of your products.
  • Include a copyright notice in the product description.
  • Include a copyright notice in the actual digital file itself.

The app makes managing your digital products easy

The Fileflare app allows you to manage digital products efficiently. You can track sales and view download statistics in real-time. The app also allows you to make changes to your products, such as updating the file or changing the price, without having to generate new links for customers.

Fileflare makes delivery easy

The Fileflare app also makes delivery easy by automatically sending customers their purchased products via email. Customers can also access their purchases through their accounts on your Shopify store.

The app allows you to set download limits and expiration dates for your products, giving you even more control over delivery.

Key Takeaway: Using the Fileflare app in conjunction with your Shopify store is the best way to sell and deliver digital products securely. It protects against fraud and copyright infringement, simplifies product management, and streamlines delivery.

Examples of digital product stores

Full video tutorial

Wrap up

If you need an effective way to build and grow an eCommerce business selling digital products, using Shopify in conjunction with the Fileflare app is the way to go. 

Integrating the two ensures you can reach a wide audience, manage and track your products easily, and ensure the secure delivery of your digital goods. So what are you waiting for? Start creating and selling your digital products today.

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