8 Best Product Bundle Apps for Shopify to Increase your Earnings

best product bundle

For both sellers and buyers, bundling is a way to increase value. Major eCommerce platforms can see an average increase of 35% in Average Order Value (AOV) when bundling.

Higher AOV means you make more money and sell your inventory faster. Below, you will find seven Shopify product bundle apps to help you meet these bundling goals.

What is a product bundle app? 

A product bundle app helps you establish multiple related products as a customer suggestion tool. The app will suggest supporting products on the product page or checkout screen. 

A good bundling app lets you provide a comprehensive, problem-solving solution with greater ease. For example, Dollar Shave Club does this by offering shave butter with their razors. They target an entire niche of male body care products: 

example of a bundle of products

DSC’s success comes from its monthly subscription service that emphasizes bundling discounts. So to follow in the footsteps of success, you can use these apps.

Bonus Shopify app you should try

Check out CollabPay. A way to pay your vendors, Collaborators and product creators automatically without needing to do it yourself. Avoid human error and let the app calculate reports and pay.

collabpay shopify app store

1. Great cart upselling feature – Zoorix

zoorix shopify app


FreeN/AUp to 50 orders, volume discount, smart cart drawer, warranty upsell
Zoorix Pro$7.99 per monthUp to 100 orders 
Zoorix VIP$14.99 / mo.Up to 200 orders
Zoorix Growth$29.99 /mo.Up to 500 orders


Zoorix is an excellent app when it comes to comprehensive features. Despite paying a bit more than others, you get some awesome features. If you are a fan of upselling products, Zoorix has easy-to-spot bundles on the product page and upsell features on the cart page. 

zoorix shopify app

Zoorix recognizes its premium status, offering solid customer service shown through its on-page reviews. Its scalability is based on your store, ensuring you earn a profit before you move to the next stage.

2. Many useful features – Bundles Upsell | PickyStory

bundles upsell pickystory


FreeN/AUp to $100 of revenue
Standard Tier 1$9.50 per monthUp to $200 
Standard Tier 2$24.50 / mo.Up to $500
Standard Tier 3$49.50 / mo.Up to $1000


Bundles Upsell by Picky Story offers an unusual pricing platform. Regardless, its ability to be a comprehensive platform works. You can structure it however you want, including a “build your own” kit and upsell features.

example of a bundle

It offers a compelling set of features available to unlimited products at any level. Being based on revenue means you don’t have to worry about spending too much, but it can add up faster than other bundle options. PickyStory also automatically syncs with your inventory, making for easy tracking.

3. Generous free plan – Simple Bundles & Kits

simple bundles


FreeN/AUp to 500 orders and three bundles
Pro$24 per monthUnlimited bundles, multi-location support, free migration
Shopify Plus$99 / mo.For those on the Shopify Plus plan. 


Simple Bundles & Kits is made by  Freshly Commerce, a company known for selling expiration trackers. If you are a grocery company known for selling long-lasting grocery items, this combo could be ideal. The dashboard is incredibly handy for tracking the number of active (in stock) bundles for your inventory.

simple bundles shopify app

The system offers BOGO, subscriptions, and pre-packaged goods. The free version works for up to 500 orders, but you can only create three bundles at a time. But for the free plan, you can be sure you earn a profit before you have to pay.

4. Tier Bundles | Upsell

tier bundles


FreeN/ACreate 1 bundle
ESSENTIAL$15 per monthCreate unlimited bundles
PRO$29 per monthShopify Advanced and Shopify Plus stores


Tier bundles is a great Shopify app for analytics & AOV monitoring, swappable product bundle options and dynamic discount pricing. It also allows you to do many types of discounts and post-purchase bundles. Features include:

  • Percent (%) or dollar-off ($) discounts.
  • Single Discount – E.g. “Buy 3 Get 10% OFF”
  • Tiered Discounts – E.g. “Buy 2 Get 5% OFF / Buy 3 Get 10% OFF / Buy 4 Get 15% OFF”
  • Variants Support – Allow multiple levels of variants on products to be applied along with your bundle.
  • Product Page Bundles – Choose a product and promote a bundle anywhere on the product detail page.
  • Bundle Pages – Create an independent page and URL to promote your bundle.
tiers example

5. Free option – Frequently Bought Together

frequently bought together shopify app


FreeN/AFree forever for stores created in the last three months
Professional$9.99 per monthUnlimited products


Frequently Bought Together takes cues from Amazon.com, creating a buying experience similar to them. Rather than rely on pressure-based “right before the cart” tactics, these are built into the product page. The result is an easy and simple way to relate multiple products.

frequently bought together shopify app

What makes Frequently Bought Together so good is that it relies on an AI algorithm to bundle related products. Using this tool, you don’t have to put any effort into the bundling tool. If you prefer, you can also choose the manual option. 

6. Has a customized bundle box – Bundle Products | Upsell

bundle products shopify app


FreeN/AOnly for development mode
Starter$7.49 per monthUnlimited bundles, variant bundles, quick order page, and onboarding support
Advanced$12.49 / mo.Frequently bought together, combo bundles, build a box features


Upsell by WebContrive is another excellent tool with mostly automated features. Its call to fame is the bundle box, which enables variable options. This means you can apply discounts to any combination of items. 

example of bundles products

The “mix and match” features are under its advanced tier, but there are still some variant options under the starter plan. You also get a quick order page that drives customers more easily through the buyer’s process. Overall, it’s a very compelling bundle tool. 

7. Works great with multiple themes – Selleasy

upsell and cross sell shopify app


FreeN/AUp to 100 orders per month, style customizations, help chat, all features.
Tier II$6.99 per monthUp to 600 orders per month
Tier III$12.99 / mo.Over 600 orders


Selleasy offers a pretty well-integrated experience. It offers all of what you would expect, including a post-purchase upsell for products your customer might like. Its available dashboard also allows you to have a new zone for order tracking.

orders & shipping

On pricing, it is much cheaper than most of the other options on this list. While it doesn’t have AI technology, it does offer an excellent manual platform. Overall, Sealleasy isn’t a bad choice for those looking for a budget option.

8. Provides enticing free gifts to increase sales – Bundle Bear

bundle bear shopify app


Unlimited Bundles$19.99 per monthUnlimited bundles, volume discounts, free gifts, Discount code stacking, analytics


BundlesBear is a pretty straightforward platform with one pricing plan. You have a 14-day free trial to figure out whether you like it. It’s upsell and discount features are based on high-pressure models. 

example of upsell

The bundling features are based heavily on volume-based discounts. Volume can focus on the overall price, the number of products, or combo products. The timer is optional but can drive some major sales for eCommerce specialists.

Wrap up

Increasing your AOV is a great way to boost your earnings. If you want to see your inventory drop at excessively fast rates, give these bundling apps a try. Even if you sell digital products, you can easily bundle them through these apps.

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