How to Sell Photos on Shopify

how to sell photos on shopify

Selling photos is something that photographers or content creators could do to make a side income. Photos come in a wide variety and there is a lot of room to sell your photo prints, especially as digital so that you don’t need to worry about shipping.

If you’re looking at methods to market your photos when you have finished setting up your Shopify store, check out this guide – Avoid these mistakes when selling digital products.

How to sell photos on Shopify

1. Create a Shopify store

If you haven’t already, go create a Shopify store. It’s super easy, so no excuses!

2. Create your Shopify products for the photos

You need to think on how your photos are going to be displayed on your store. Are you going to create a product for each photo? Are you going to have variants for each product?

When you have figured that out, you can easily start creating your products. Log into Shopify, and create the Shopify products.

  1. Go to the “Products” page
  2. Click the “Add product” button
  3. Enter the details and fill out the options

Remember, you need to mark the products as digital if you are only selling a digital file. Go to the “Shipping” section on the product page and disable the option “This is a physical product“.

3. Install the Fileflare app to your store

Go to the Shopify app store and install Fileflare Digital downloads. It’s known by everyone to be the most loved digital files app because it’s built by Shopify Experts.


This app includes insanely good features, such as IP address protection, blocks fraudulent orders, set release dates, CSV bulk add, update file & notify customers and much more.

4. Upload your photos to Fileflare

Go to the “Upload” page and upload your photo files.

You can also connect your own S3 storage if you wanted to host your own photo files on your own account, meaning that you pay for your own storage. Just go to the Settings page and go to “Custom S3”.

upload music

The cool thing about Fileflare is that it allows you to handle hundreds of thousands of files. If you are selling thousands of photos, then you can use the bulk-attach tool to bulk connect your products and photos.

5. Attach the photos to the Shopify products

When a customer places an order for the Shopify product or variant, Fileflare will check to see if there are any photos attached to the products and then deliver them to the customer.

There are a few ways to attach the photos to the Shopify products. You can do this from the file page, or the product page.

Connect via the File page

Once the files have been uploaded, you will notice that they have blue links. Click on the blue link and it will take you to the file page. Here you can use the drop-down to select your Shopify products that you want to attach them to.

  1. Click the blue link after uploading
blue link
  1. Then, use the drop-down to attach photos to products
attach music to shopify product quick

Connect via the Product page

Go to the:

  1. “Products” page
  2. Click on a product
  3. Now use the drop-down to select your uploaded files and then attach them to the product


That is literally all you need to do to sell photos on Shopify. It’s not as complicated as everyone makes it online. I hope this was a nice simple tutorial showing you exactly how to do it, with no fluff.

At this point, you can place a test order and see the flow. If you get stuck with anything, feel free to drop us a message 🙂

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