How to Share Revenue with Partners for WooCommerce Sales

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You can easily assign percentages or flat fees to anyone you have created products with. So to cut it short, for any sales your WooCommerce product gets, you can assign a percentage earning to someone and fully automate the workflow, from calculations to paying them automatically no matter where they are in the world.

If you need to do any of the following, you should check this article:

  • Share revenue with someone when a particular WooCommerce product is purchased
  • Sell external products from your site and split the profit with another person

Example of how it works

Let’s say that I own the WooCommerce store, and I teamed up with Jeff to make a T-Shirt. I would want him to earn 50% of the revenue, but only the profits minus the taxes and shipping.

I don’t want to calculate it myself because it takes too long, causes headaches, and I could easily make a mistake (human error). So if I sign up to CollabPay, and connect it to my WooCommerce store, I can easily invite Jeff as a collaborator on that T-Shirt and assign him to be paid his 50% cut of the profits automatically.

It’s possible to integrate a payout solution like PayPal or Stripe so he will be paid his fair share automatically, so I never have to do it myself.

example of split revenue woocommerce store
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How to set up & get the WooCommerce revenue share plugin

Step 1 – Go to CollabPay & sign up

You can go to CollabPay and sign up for a free trial. Click the “Register” button in the top-right.


If you have less than 3 Collaborators, it’s only $9/month. There are no extra costs or commissions unless you connect PayPal to automatically pay the collaborators. PayPal charges a small fee to use their automatic payouts, but it saves so much time, so you don’t need to pay them manually.

You can also pay them manually using CollabPay, avoiding PayPal’s small transaction fees.

Step 2 – Connect CollabPay to your WooCommerce store

It’s really easy to learn how to connect the CollabPay account to your WooCommerce store. In short, all you need to do is:

  1. Go to “CollabPay” > “Settings” > “Integrations“.
  2. Click “Setup” on WooCommerce, and you will be given an API key. Copy it.
  3. Now install the CollabPay plugin to your WordPress, then paste the API key in the CollabPay plugin. This will instantly connect and automatically import all of your products into CollabPay.

Step 3 – Invite people to earn from the revenue of sales

Now that the app and your store are connected, all you need to do is invite collaborators to join and earn from your products. Simply:

  1. Go to your CollabPay account, and go to “Collaborators“, then invite someone to join your account
invite collaborator to collabpay
  1. Assign the collaborator to a product (or more), and assign them an earning value such as a percentage or flat fee

That’s it! Once you have done this, then your orders are going to be calculated and tracked.

connect jeff to earn

Step 4 – Set up the settings

There are quite a few settings that you can play with. Some of these include:

  • Removing tax or shipping before the calculations take place means that the store keeps those to pay for the costs
  • Removing the gateway fee costs before the calculations so that the store can cover those fees
  • Setting up automatic payouts using PayPal or Stripe, or simply just payout manually and mark the payout as paid in the app
  • You can also assign expenses to the payouts to deduct a specific amount from the collaborator if you have spent on ads or similar

Setting up automatic payouts

If you want to pay the collaborators manually, you can by pressing the “Mark as paid” button on the payouts. But if you want to pay them automatically, you can either set up PayPal or Stripe to the CollabPay account. You can do it by following the small guides below:


It’s super simple to set up. Just integrate it with your store and invite people to earn. It’s probably the easiest solution I’ve found. If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a message or comment below!

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